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Is CBD Oil expensive?CBD oil is not so easy to find for sale. Yes, it is quite expensive. This is explained by the fact that CBD cultivation is still a controversial topic in many countries around the world, due to the presence of psychoactive compounds in this plant. However, the beneficial properties of expensive CBD oil more than pay off its high price!

Valuable natural product

Let’s get to know why is CBD so expensive. CBD oil is a natural plant product. It is obtained by cold pressing the raw seeds of a plant. The largest amount of oil is found in CBD seeds, although the whole plant can be used to produce oil. Crude oil has a rich nutty flavor and a greenish tint. After processing, it becomes colorless.

Unrefined, low-cost CBD oil deteriorates very quickly, and therefore has a not very long shelf life. It quickly becomes rancid. To slightly increase the shelf life, you need to keep it in the dark place.

Refined expensive CBD oil is much more durable, although many of its benefits are lost during the cleaning process.

Balanced composition

CBD expensive is considered one of the most balanced vegetable oils. It contains the perfect balance of omega fats, which is optimal in a healthy diet. In addition, CBD oil contains small amounts of other polyunsaturated fats, such as gamma-linolenic acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid. Why is oil so expensive? This combination of essential fats is unique among edible oilseeds.

To understand how much does CBD oil cost, we need to understand its mechanism first.

Hemp seed oil contains 75-80% polyunsaturated fats (“good fats”), and only 9-11% less healthy saturated fats. Because our body does not synthesize them naturally they must be obtained from the food we eat. Many people have a deficiency of essential fatty acids, due to the predominant consumption of animal fats.

This product is rich in omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid, which is essential for the normal functioning of tissues and organs. It can reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases. However, the amount of these valuable fatty acids varies depending on the quality of the plant from which the product is made. According to scientists, CBD oil is close in composition to fish oil and may be useful in the prevention of heart disorders, arthritis, and depression.

Protein content

This oil contains about 25% high-quality proteins that contain amino acids in amounts similar to those found in meat and eggs.

Beneficial features

Cannabis oil has many health benefits, both in its raw form and in the form of various derivative products.

It turns out that many known diseases are associated with a deficiency or imbalance of specific fatty acids. People who adhere to a healthy diet include irreplaceable fats on the menu and boast healthy skin and strong immunity.

How and where to buy?

Only people with medical reports and prescriptions can buy medicine in most states, which is controlled.


The prescription must contain the patient’s name, the commercial name of the CBD-based product to be imported, the dosage of the medication, the amount needed for treatment over the course of a year, date, signature, and the doctor’s stamp. The doctor’s registration number is also required.

Medical report

This report must contain a description of the case, justification for the use of CBD in comparison to other alternatives available, previous treatments, patient’s name, date and, as well as in the doctor’s prescription, signature and stamp with his registration number.

All these factors described above dictate the cost of CBD oil.

What does CBD oil cost?

Prices are variable. Most companies sell 1 mg ranging from $0.02 to $0.20 per mg.

How expensive is CBD oil in general? Well, the same brands also sell the liquid version, and the price goes from $0.4 to $0.20 cents per mg.

Why do prices for CBD oils vary so much?

The problem is the lack of industry regulation and marketing strategies. As in many other industries, people will pay dearly for a poor product – as long as your advertising works.

Don’t get us wrong, there are products that are worth the $ 200.00 tag, but it’s the minority.


Unlike marijuana, cannabidiol is a substance that does not have the side effects of the herb from which it originates. It can help patients with various diseases, but it still depends on changes in the legislation so that it can be used and studied effectively since access to it is currently bureaucratic, complicated, and expensive.

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Jess Marriott