how to make cbd gummies

Many hemp enthusiasts are fond of the CBD gummies. Although cannabidiol has been recently legalized, the number of consumers who are willing to use it is tremendous. The ability to eat it as freely as jello seems to motivate them.

The scientists are still studying the medical properties of cannabidiol and claim that there are some things to research. Despite that, people state that the compound has helped them to treat many diseases. It is not easy to confirm the claims, though.

Fortunately, there are more and more studies, and tests being conducted to identify which health issues can actually be cured with cannabidiol. The majority of people is already aware of the non-psychoactive effects of the compound. This implies that cannabidiol cannot make consumers feel “high”. Consequently, if you make CBD gummies and eat them, you may improve your health without the high. Obviously, they will not treat cancer, but there are some cases where they can be helpful. Some enthusiasts say that cannabidiol is one of the best solutions for inflammation. Thus, if you have some inflammation, just find CBD gummies recipe and solve the problem. Or, you can keep on reading and figure out how to make weed jello pieces here.

How do I make CBD gummies?

The process of making CBD gummies does not differ much from the one for ordinary gummies. You have to keep in mind that you should be careful with the amount of cannabidiol you are adding. No matter if you are going to utilize isolate or oil, the end result will be the same. We do not know which exactly you will go for, so we will provide CBD gummy bear recipes for both the options.

Before we start, you should know that the ingredients and the tools are:

  • A gummy mold;
  • 0.5 cup of Jello;
  • Cannabidiol oil or isolate;
  • Food dye;
  • One tbs of honey or sugar;
  • Blueberry juice.

CBD Gummies With CBD Oil

Choosing CBD oil gummies recipe, you have to be ready for some difficulties. The thing is that it is hard to mix all the ingredients. Blueberry juice is not as thick as oil, so it will be floating on the top. It is possible to avoid this problem if use a thicker kind of juice. Peach juice can be an option.

To prepare them you need to follow this CBD gummy recipe:

  1. Jello, blueberry juice, food dye, and honey are to be mixed.
  2. Then, you need to fill the molds with the mix by half.
  3. Add three drops of the oil in each of them.
  4. Put into the fridge for twenty minutes.
  5. Put three more drops of the oil, and fill in the molds with the remaining mix.
  6. Put them into the fridge again for half an hour.

Mind that this canna gummies recipe jello is a bit tricky. The thing is that you will have to perform everything quickly, so there is no separation of the ingredients.

CBD Gummies With Cannabidiol Isolate

It is much easier to make CBD isolate gummies because there is no need to put the mix into the mold several times. In addition to that, you do not need to add the substance separately.

The preparation of this form due to CBD isolate recipes includes the following steps:

  1. First, you need to get jello, cannabidiol isolate, and sugar mixed.
  2. Then, you are to add blueberry juice and food dye.
  3. Mix all the ingredients well.
  4. After that, it is necessary to pour the substance into the mold.
  5. Put it into the fridge for around one hour.

As you can see, cannabis gummy recipe jello is simple.

What Dose Should I Use?

A Recommended Daily Intake for the compound has not been identified by the FDA yet. The only thing we can rely on in this case is the recommendation from manufacturers. They state that the dosage should range from 15 to 50 mg.

The good news is that according to studies, it is not possible to overdose on cannabidiol. But if you consume too much, you may experience side effects such as dizziness or a mild stomach ache.

How Many CBD Gummies Can I eat?

The truth is that it is for the consumers to decide how many CBD isolate gummies they can eat. We would recommend, though, to intake just a few pieces per day. Scientists carried out a study where 214 children with epilepsy took large doses of cannabidiol. The dosage ranged from a hundred to one thousand milligrams daily for a year. The study showed that they did not experience any side effects while the seizures were decreased by a third. This implies that even huge doses of the compound are safe. Thus, cannabidiol is regarded as a well-tolerated substance.

Where to Purchase CBD Gummies?

Even knowing that it is not hard to learn how to make CBD gummies, some people prefer to buy them. Despite the fact that the product is relatively new, there are many online shops around the world where you can purchase them. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that the retailer is a reputable one. This way, you will not get a low-quality product.


Everything is possible these days. If you do not like this form of consuming, you can find out how to make CBD candies. Most people still enjoy taking their dosage this way. We do not recommend, though, to buy them online. It is better to make them yourself because this way, you will be able to control all the process. You can also be 100 percent sure that all the ingredients are of high-quality and natural.

It also needs to be noted that multiple studies have proved cannabidiol to be a safe compound that does not usually induce side effects. Make your own gummies and get the benefits of the compound!

Jess Marriott