CBD in Australia has recently become allowed medication method, but it has already grown into extremely popular goods in the market. This is because everybody knows it for the beneficial properties that can treat numerous diseases. The manufacturers are developing more and more different forms of CBD products to meet the demands of the customers and keep them satisfied. Hence, we can find oil, edibles, cigarettes, tinctures and even CBD patches. Seeing such a variety, people can be confused. In the current review, we will explain why patches can be the best option. 

What are CBD patches?

Transdermal CBD patches are one of the forms people can consume CBD. They are small pieces of plastic that are enriched with concentrated cannabidiol . This is a compound derived from the cannabis plant and obtaining a lot of amazing properties. The manufacturers do their best to receive this substance of  high quality. For this purpose, they use different extraction methods, and one of them is the CO2 approach. Consumers can apply the patches to treat a wide range of health issues such as pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, acne, or even multiple sclerosis. 

How do CBD patches work?

If you are willing to understand how CBD oil patches work, then you should learn what CBD is. This is important because this is the main ingredient of the product. As mentioned above, CBD is one of the compounds of the hemp plant. In fact, it is a very active derivative that interacts with the human body by acting on the endocannabinoid system. There are two types of receptors in this system – CB1 and CB2. They are responsible for maintaining and balancing a myriad of processes that are crucial for our life. The processes include sleep, mood, appetite, the immune system, and many more. CBD helps the endocannabinoid system to maintain all the processes. Thanks to this ability, CBD can bring so many benefits to the human body.

As soon as the consumers apply it to the skin, they start a drug concentration gradient. The skin absorbs CBD from it. After that, the molecules of CBD are transferred to the deeper layers of skin and into the bloodstream, which takes them to the areas where it is required. The good thing about such a consumption method is that CBD bypasses the stomach, liver, and lungs, which are filters, in fact. They can destroy the molecules of the compound. Consequently, if you are using transdermal cannabidiol patches, you get 100 percent of its beneficial properties. 

The manufacturers producing this kind of product must take into account many things while developing it. For example, the skin layer can be too thick for the molecules of the derivative. That is why they create patches that obtain microneedles to help them get into the deeper layers. Nowadays, there are many companies in this industry, but they all work in the same way, no matter if they contain pure CBD or a mixture of cannabinoids.

Types and differences of CBD patches at the Australian Market

When deciding whether to choose CBD patches for pain or to go for some other methods of consuming cannabidiol, people should learn what types of patches there are. First of all, they can include different cannabinoids. For example, they can be made of pure CBD, or they can also include some amount of THC and CBG, CBT and CBL. Due to that, the effects can differ slightly.

Although all the patches seem to be the same, there are two completely different kinds. They are reservoir and matrix patches. The main thing that distinguishes them is the way they are designed.

A matrix patch is constructed in such a way that cannabidiol is placed into the patch itself, most commonly in the adhesive. When consumers place it onto the skin, the adhesive contacts it. The molecules start to move from the patch, where the concentration is high to the skin where the concentration is low. The dosage received by the users depends on the amount of CBD, which is in the matrix patch as well as on its size.

Reservoir patches are regarded as a better option, and you will see why. They are called this way as CBD is kept in a reservoir inside the product. Cannabidiol is contained in a solution that is most frequently a gel. There is also a controlling membrane between the reservoir and the skin through which the molecules are released. For this reason, the substance is not delivered fully at once but in portions. This way, the consumer keeps receiving the medication for some time, which makes reservoir patches extremely effective. Thus, they have been widely used for the past 40 years as they tend to be more preferred. 

How to use CBD patches? 

It is not hard to use CBD patches for pain relief or any other purpose. Even those who are new to consuming cannabidiol will easily understand how to apply them. The consumers just need to follow these steps:

  1. The area of the skin where they are going to put the patch must be cleaned.
  2. They should dry the skin with a towel.
  3. The protective liner must be removed.
  4. Finally, the user should apply it to the skin and press it firmly.

That’s it! No more actions are required. The consumers can wear the patch for 48 hours or remove it whenever they want.

Benefits of CBD patches 

Although there are numerous methods of consuming CBD these days, the patches tend to be the preferred way. There is nothing surprising about that because they have a lot of advantages. CBD patches reviews show that the given below benefits are the major ones:

  • It is a discreet way of getting cannabidiol. Many CBD users prefer to keep it as a secret from other people. In this case, they are just perfect because they need to be removed in several hours;
  • The formulas can be developed for specific health issues. The patches can be issued not only in the form of pure CBD, but can also include some other cannabinoids that provide stronger medical effects;
  • They tend to provide a long-lasting effect. When using them, especially the reservoir ones, the consumer keeps receiving the substance in portions for some time. An effect can last from four to forty-eight hours depending on the kind of product;
  • There is nothing complicated about using it. Anyone can figure out how to use them, especially when there are directions;
  • Accurate dosing. The consumers do not have to spend time measuring a proper dose;
  • Does not irritate the throat or lungs. 

Effects of CBD patches 

It may seem that all the claims about the miraculous effects are not true because it is hard to believe that a patch can promote bone growth, for instance. This substance is so widely used and so popular because it is able to treat a wide range of medical issues. Here are some effects:

  • pain relief;
  • bone growth promotion;
  • inflammation reduction;
  • CBD can inhibit growth and even kill some specific cancer cells at early stages;
  • appetite stimulation;
  • bacterial growth decrease;
  • vomiting and nausea reduction;
  • it can eliminate the risks of artery blockage;
  • psychosis treatment;
  • psoriasis and other skin problems treatment;
  • anxiety and depression relief;
  • nervous system degeneration prevention;
  • muscle spasms suppression;
  • insulin level reduction;
  • convulsions and seizures reduction;
  • sleep improvement.

This impressive list of effects makes it possible to treat numerous diseases such as osteoporosis, epilepsy, type 1 and 2 diabetes, lupus, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, cancer, neuropathic pain, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sleep disorder, chronic pain, and many others. It is hard to believe, but it is true. Numerous researches have already proved it. 

Side effects of CBD patches 

The studies have shown that people consuming patches do not usually face such an unpleasant consequence as side effects. The compound has proved itself as a safe and well-tolerated substance which cannot harm human health. Some consumers, though, have claimed that they had the following symptoms:

  • drowsiness;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhoea;
  • lightheadedness;
  • appetite changes;
  • dry mouth;
  • low blood pressure;
  • gastrointestinal problems.

The given above side effects are severe; consequently, they will cause nothing but some inconveniences. Moreover, they tend to appear when the user consumes for the first time and tend to eliminate as soon as the body gets used to it. They also deliver the dose slowly, so it is impossible to get overdosed.  

The only thing to be considered by users is that CBD interacts with other medications. This implies that cannabidiol impacts on the liver in such a way that it breaks down the majority of the previously taken medications. This can be a problem when the consumer has to take some treatment for low blood pressure, for instance. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will decide whether to intake CBD or not.


  • Why should I opt for CBD patches?

They provide an extremely convenient consumption, which is performed gradually. Moreover, the users need to place them once in several hours. This means that you do not have to make too many efforts with this form of product.

  • Can CBD patches make me feel high?

Oil patches cannot get you high. There is another cannabinoid, which is responsible for this effect, which is THC. Most products do not contain this compound, and even if they do, its amount is not enough to induce this effect.

  • Where can I buy CBD patches online?

Nowadays, they are available online all over the USA as well as in many other countries around the world.

  • Can I use CBD patches if I am pregnant?

No, all of the CBD products are not allowed to be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women. The reason is that it can influence the baby negatively, which can lead to health issues in the future.

  • Is it legal to buy CBD patches?

CBD patches are allowed for sale and consumption in many countries worldwide. There are still some places where cannabidiol is restricted. Consequently, it is a good idea to check the law before buying.


Cannabidiol is a wonderful compound that can treat a lot of various diseases, and they are a perfect method of consuming this substance. This form of receiving CBD obtains a lot of benefits. It is easy to use them, and they are discreet. There is no need to think about how to apply them without changing your lifestyle. This is an important advantage in the modern world. They are ready to be applied immediately and deliver long-lasting effects. 

With the information provided above, it is not hard to understand that it is a perfect solution  for every enthusiast.

Mark Dittmar