Sex is great for a lot of reasons. It delivers many health benefits. For instance, it can lower blood pressure and improve sleep. That is why it is so important for this process to be enjoyable. There should not be pain or dryness, and lubricants deliver the necessary relief. Such products provide a smooth feel and, as a result, sensitive tissues are protected from healing. When it comes to CBD sex lube, it obtains all the advantages of ordinary lubricants plus the health benefits of cannabidiol.

Benefits of CBD Lube: Scientific Point of View

Tammy Nelson who is a board certified sexologist states, that CBD intimacy oil can increase sensitivity and relax, which make people crave pleasurable touch. This results in stronger orgasms. If you use it, the product will help with penetration and vaginal pain. It is also good in preventing irritation. Although some CBD lubricant manufacturers claim that it is able to regenerate and moisturize skin, there are no studies to confirm this.

Some researches have shown, though, that there are some CBD lube benefits for sex. They are mainly associated with using herbs while having sex. The thing is that the products usually include CBD and a small amount of THC, that act on the endocannabinoid system in the human body. The system keeps homeostasis under control and can impact everything from mood to appetite. Thus, CBD oil and sex drive can be tightly connected.

This product is also a wonderful solution for those who feel pain during sex. There can be numerous reasons that can be completely different. For example, it can be vaginitis, vaginal tearing from birth, vaginismus, or PCOS. CEO and co-founder of Quim, Cyo Nystrom says that CBD oil for sex is able to reduce tension in the pelvic floor so that there is no pain during penetration. You can also find studies that show that cannabidiol happens to be advantageous for individuals experiencing PTSD due to sexual trauma.

Are There Any Risks Associated With the Product?

When it comes to cannabidiol products, there are no specific regulations; consequently, it is important to read the labels carefully to find out what you are getting. Nystrom says the products that contain the compound vary in terms of the source. It was also added that different people are highly likely to respond to the same item in different ways. That is why if you decide to use CBD oil for arousal or anything else, it is better to do your own research trying different products.

One more important thing to remember is that the majority of these lubes are based on oil, so it is not safe to use them with condoms. This is because oil can damage latex. You have also to mind too much lubricant can be dull. This goes for all lubes, though.

What is People’s Opinion Regarding CBD Lubes?

There are many people who have already tried CBD for sex. Here you can find one of the reviews. Miranda K., who requested not to use her last name here, said that it was wonderful. She shared that she had a feeling as if her vagina was high, but her mind was not. Everything seemed to be intensified. There is one thing to be noted here, which is the lube she used contained not only cannabidiol but THC as well. Thus, you should not expect the same effect with a CBD-only lubricant.

Top CBD Lubes You Should Try

  1. Kush Queen Ignite CBD Lube.

Unlike many other lubricants, this one is water-based. This means that it can be used with condoms. The manufacturers promise instant results, that would last for hours.

  1. Privy Peach CBD-infused intimate oil.

This product obtains a really nice smell which makes some particular actions more enjoyable. The lube promises to stimulate a female natural lubrication. Being semi-solid at first, the substance melts into oil when it comes in contact with skin.

  1. Foria Awaken Lube.

This product contains kava kava extract, aromatic oils and cannabidiol. They claim that it can enhance tactile sensation, and decreases discomfort and tension. This product is not meant to be used with condoms because it includes oils.

  1. Swiss Navy

This one is made of oil as well. It is meant to be used for a dry vagina, but there is a lack of warming and exciting sensation provided by some other brands. The good thing about it is that the users do not feel greasy, and the effect lasts for a long time.

  1. Unbound Dazy

The product is more expensive than many other lubricants that contain cannabidiol. The consumers, though, state it is worth it. The product is water-based, so it can be used with condoms or silicone toys.


So, can you use CBD oil as a lube? Generally speaking, these products are an amazing addition to sex because the consumers receive the benefits of lubricant along with the benefits of cannabidiol. According to the numerous reviews, this product helps to decrease pain, increasing sensitivity and relaxation at the same time. In this case, they are a great solution.

The majority of them are oil-based, but there are some water-based products as well. Thus, this is something you should consider when purchasing one. In addition to that, they can be different when it comes to smell and effects.

There have been many researches and studies which have shown that such lubes are safe to use and can even improve the quality of sex. That is why you should try this type of CBD products to have wonderful experience. Do not forget that they also advise trying some of them to come to a final decision!

Mark Dittmar