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Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the chronic diseases that emanate from the body and produce too little insulin or become resistant to insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps to store and use glucose.

Drugs commonly used to treat, can cause unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, stomach cramps and dizziness. Recent research and reports suggest that CBD can be a useful adjunct to the therapy. 

The following article serves to inform the readers about how CBD Oil for type 2 diabetes can be useful and also how CBD Oil and diabetes type 1 can be treated with this natural substance. 

 Read on to find out how much CBD oil should you take for diabetes and other important information. 

What is CBD Oil for Diabetes?

The best CBD oil for diabetes and other medical treatments is extracted from the cannabis plant. The oil contains many valuable ingredients such as minerals and trace elements (potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium), vitamins (vitamin E, B1 and B12), proteins, fibre and unsaturated fatty acids, while various cannabinoids contained make the oil particularly nutritious. As a dietary supplement, it is freely available for sale and can therefore be ordered online without a prescription as cannabis oil for diabetes. 

It is a cannabinoid that interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are a part of the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays an important role in maintaining the body’s homeostasis status. When it enters the body, it interacts with these cannabinoid receptors.

Studies have shown that this substance helps to reduce inflammation and regulate blood glucose levels. This could be extremely useful in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. CBD oil for diabetes type 2 is also of great use and proven to be effective.

Below in this article are some ways it can be used.

How does CBD Oil for Diabetes work?

Both the treatment and control of diabetes can be promoted by cannabinoids in cannabis oil for diabetes. According to some studies, the success story in the monitoring and treatment is based on the fact, that it has a positive effect on the metabolism. Production of insulin is also stimulated by cannabinoids. The pancreatic cannabinoid receptor cells in particular contribute to a balanced regulation of glucose (sugar).

Experts into the two diabetes types differentiate the mode of action in detail. Studies have shown, that type 1 can be delayed. Cannabidiol also significantly reduces the disease-related symptoms. The reason for this is the anti-autoimmune effect inherent in CBD. Misdirected antibodies in the body, that attack certain beta cells, responsible for insulin production, often trigger type 1. It prevents cell destruction. This ensures a normal metabolism in the body. Thus it improves glucose tolerance in type 1 and alleviates inflammations of the pancreas.

There is an anti-inflammatory effect – this is probably the greatest strength of the hemp product in treatment with CBD oil for type 2 diabetes. In this type, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin for a smooth metabolism. This is often triggered by chronic inflammation. As already mentioned, anti-inflammatory properties of CBD in type 2 promote the regulation of blood sugar and thus also an improvement in insulin resistance.

From the results of empirical studies, scientists conclude that oils, for example, can increase the metabolic rate and thus combat the obesity caused by diabetes,. CBD oil dosage for diabetes depends on the individual patient and should be discussed with a doctor. 

Types and Differences of CBD Oil for Diabetes

Anyone who wants to try it, has to resort to the high-quality products – whether they are looking for the best CBD oil for diabetes type 2 or type 1. Only then can it be guaranteed, that these products will actually have an effect and will not be mixed with the inferior substances. Only then side effects can be really excluded.

Nordic Oil offers a wide range of different products. There you can find oils in different percentages, capsules, products for animals, and even products for skin care.

Products, like Dr Oz CBD oil for diabetes, should only be ordered from shops where you can be sure that they are high quality products, with which you can really achieve something for your health!

Diabetes is a serious disease that we are increasingly confronted with. Drugs sometimes have strong side effects and sometimes harm the body more than they are helping. It can also help with diabetes and is highly recommended as prevention. But even those who already suffer from the disease, can improve their condition with CBD!

How to use CBD Oil for Diabetes? 

CBD is not psychoactive, which means that it does not make the user “high”. There are several ways you can take this medicine for diabetes. Tinctures are the most common. You can either swallow them or put a few drops under your tongue. Other common methods are CBD food or capsules.

The tinctures contain different concentrations of cannabinoids, so a universal dosage cannot be determined. Nevertheless, reliable companies always indicate the recommended dosage on the product label. Most doctors recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it until symptoms begin to disappear.

Since it takes some time to work in the body, you need to be patient. While some people may experience relief within a few days, others may experience relief for a week or longer.

The great thing about the capsules is that you don’t have to calculate the dosage, because each capsule contains the same amount of CBD. The capsules are also ideal for those who don’t like the taste of tinctures and are looking for a convenient way to consume CBD. 

Benefits of CBD Oil for Diabetes

So is CBD oil good for diabetes? In research, the effectiveness was investigated by comparing two groups of people. The group was divided into those who took drugs and those who did not. Doctors and researchers argue that human body contains receptors in almost every part of the body. But those in the pancreas are the most strategic. In addition, studies show that CB1 receptors are linked to the insulin production and can also help treat diabetes-related conditions. Ultimately, it has many therapeutic benefits and can also be used to stabilize sugar levels.

Studies have also shown that it increases the metabolic rate. This ensures that the body burns the calories properly. Marijuana and diabetes work well together because it can also be used to reduce pain levels and ensure proper blood flow in the blood vessels of patients with type 2 diabetes.

We can therefor say that CBD oil benefits for diabetes are great and should be regarded as a wonderful natural alternative to the pharmaceutical medicines. 

Effects of CBD Oil for Diabetes

It has been known since around 2013, that cannabinoids have an effect on metabolic processes in the body. Medical hemp, consisting of a number of different cannabinoids, was used for the studies and tests. In fact, the study conducted by the University of Nebraska in 2013 found that cannabis users were significantly less prone to diabetes than other subjects. CBD oil and diabetes work well together, as the tendency to be overweight was also reduced. This led the researchers to conclude that there is a link between cannabinoids and the processes involved in the metabolism of insulin. 

CBD offers numerous benefits for human health. It can help with type 1 diabetes in particular. In this type, an inflamed pancreas harshly disturbs the production of insulin. 

Over time, CBD has established a good reputation for its effectiveness. Among other things, it can help with the following:

– The blood sugar in diabetics is stabilized

– The pain caused by nerve inflammation can be alleviated

– It has an anti-inflammatory effect on arterial inflammations.

– The blood circulation is improved by keeping the blood vessels open.

– CBD helps against muscle cramps and gastrointestinal diseases

– Blood pressure can be gradually lowered, which is particularly important for diabetics.

– it can be used in the form of oil in foods

Side Effects of CBD Oil for Diabetes

As a rule, cannabidiol hardly causes any side effects. However, since each body reacts differently to the ingredients, it can happen that minor side effects can occur. Numerous studies have also been carried out on this subject, in which no side effects have been reported, even at very high doses. At particularly high doses it was found, that the patients had to struggle with diarrhoea, drowsiness and loss of appetite. However, it was not excluded that these side effects were not caused by CBD.

Even if you regularly take other medications, especially diazepam or omeprazole, you should consult  a doctor before taking cannabidiol oil.

Although there are no long-term studies on side effects of cannabidiol, it is believed, that oil or drops are safe for humans and animals. It is not toxic and has no negative effect on the heart rate or blood pressure. Nevertheless, no one wants to make any meaningful statements, as there are no long-term studies yet. Thus you express yourself very discreetly with the statement of the side effects.


  • How much CBD oil must I use for treating diabetes?

The dosage depends not only on your body, weight, height and age, but also whether it should be used to prevent diabetes, or whether a healing effect is desired. In principle, everyone has to find his or her own dose. However, if you have diabetes, you should talk to your doctor beforehand, especially if you already need to take other medications, as CBD may cause interactions. It is also important to start with a small dose, so that the body can get used to it and the patient can see how the body reacts to it.

  • What are the advantages of using CBD in diabetes type 2 or type 1 treatment? 

CBD offers numerous benefits for human health. It can help specifically with the type 1. In this type, the production of insulin is severely affected by an inflamed pancreas. This inflammation is also called “insulitism”. Because CBD has an anti-inflammatory property, this is exactly where the active ingredient can start. When the inflammation subsides, the pancreas can also restore normal insulin production. Studies show that CBD  can even completely heal diabetes type 1.


Cannabidiol is, according to numerous studies, an excellent way to alleviate or even cure many serious diseases. But nobody has to be afraid to become “high”, because it has a hardly measurable content of THC.

Hemp has been used as a remedy for thousands years and is not only used to get intoxicated. Even if hemp does not have a particularly good reputation, cannabidiol can help with many diseases.

Animal studies suggest, that oil may one day be recognised as a useful therapy for diabetics. Studies with human participants to show the data on appropriate therapeutic dosing are currently lacking.
We can look forward to seeing what more research can bring us on the use and medical possibilities. In the meantime, you should consult the reputable sources of information and talk to your doctor before buying CBD and incorporating it as part of your treatment. Internet is full of CBD oil for diabetes testimonials and you can find useful information from other peoples posts and comments.

Mark Dittmar