This article explains what CBD oil is and what benefits it has to offer in regards to using it as a tincture to work against pain and other conditions. Read on to find out everything important about this wonderful substance. 

More people around the world are becoming aware of the amazing health and healing properties of the substance called CBD – short for cannabidiol, which is not psychoactive and yet has all the great benefits to offer – without any known side effects. Below is more about this amazing plant and oil and how to use it as a tincture to assist with an array of conditions. 

What is a CBD Tincture? 

Probably the most commonly known compound from the hemp plant is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Even though the cannabis plant produces Cannabidiol & THC and that both have effects which are great for our health, THC causes the characteristic high. 

Although the health benefits of organic CBD tincture are increasingly being scientifically proven, its poor reputation as a drug is still attached to cannabis. 

A tincture is when certain compounds are extracted from plant materials in this case it’s the extraction of CBD from cannabis plants. 

How does CBD Tincture work?

Tinctures are concentrated oil from the cannabis plant that can be weather used topically on the body or be taken in an oral way as a type of supplement. 

It may help to write to a manufacturer with the question CBD tincture how to use in order to choose the right product for you. 

  • Slight to moderate complaints (headaches, difficulty falling asleep, nervousness, depressive moods): CBD oil with 5 – 15% concentration.
  • Medium symptoms (severe headache, exam anxiety, nervous tremor): CBD oil with 15 – 25% concentration. This is already a very high concentration, which should be discussed with the doctor.
  • Severe discomfort: CBD oil above 25% concentration. The strongest tincture CBD currently available has a concentration of 48%. This is a real “hammer”, which should be discussed with your doctor.

When it comes to buying the quantity you may consider starting small for example getting pure CBD tincture 100mg and when satisfied, moving on to CBD tincture 1000mg.

CBD Content of a product 

2,5 – 30% CBD content are normally sold according to CBD tincture dosage . 5% CBD oils are adequate for slight disorders such as sleep disarrays, nervousness or discomfort. For severe or chronic pain you should buy at least 8% CBD oil and for complaints like fibromyalgia a Cannabidiol paste with 16% is recommended, for cancer even with 30%.

Who buys a CBD oil 2 percent, receives a product, which can have a share of 2 percent CBD. The higher the proportion in the product, the better it is for chronic diseases. But this cannot be said directly. Because 8 drops of a CBD oil with 4 percent correspond to 4 drops of a CBD isolate tincture oil with 8 percent. Here it is above all a matter of the taste of the CBD oil, as it takes a lot of getting used to. Therefore it is of course better to put only 4 drops under the tongue instead of the 8 drops so that the mucous membranes absorb the CBD. Of course, 10 drops of a low-dose can also be taken, but many people do without it and prefer the high-dose version in order to take a smaller amount.

While, for example, the low-dose select CBD tincture products are very suitable for prevention or strengthening the immune system, higher-dose oils, capsules or globules should be used for osteoarthritis, epilepsy or ADHD. 

Types and Differences of CBD Tincture

Many people wonder what is the best CBD tincture in the market; you may find there exists a wide range of different views. Cannabis varieties are crucial in the manufacture of CBD products like the lazarus naturals high potency CBD tincture. There are many varieties that are rich in CBD but do not contain THC. The Candida (CD-1) variety, for example, has a 20 percent content, but only 1 percent THC in a CBD tincture 500mg . Thus no psychoactive effect can be triggered. Candida also has the advantage that it blooms particularly richly and produces the best quality and a high quantity.

There is also the variety Sweet Pure CBD in a CBD pet tincture, which is particularly noticeable for its content of 8 to 15 percent and only 0.4 to 1 percent THC. It also blooms very richly and produces a large quantity.

Fast Eddy, on the other hand, has very high CBD values, but can also contain 9 percent THC. Even if this value is still quite low, the intake can cause CBD tincture side effects such as a psychoactive effect if you produce the tincture CBD. 

Fix Auto, Dinamed and Sweet Afgani Delicious are also rich in CBD and have low THC values.

Unfortunately only hemp seeds are allowed in many countries, but they are not allowed to be cultivated. Even if it does not contain THC, only approved farmers are allowed to grow special varieties. Therefore, it is strongly discouraged to grow your own cannabis in order to produce oil yourself. It is better to search for a ready made CBD tincture for sale and be on the safe side. 

CBD extracted from the pressed hemp oil is in its purest form a crystal. Pure CBD oil tincture that is 100% pure is extremely expensive. In case of serious illnesses, however, interesting healing results have already been observed. This is especially true for nerve diseases such as Parkinson’s or epilepsy.

CBD Tincture How to Use

A few of many CBD tincture uses are: pain release, inflammation inhibition, recreation, anxiety decrease and bettering the sleep quality. When it comes to how to take CBD tincture – it can be used in several ways: orally in the form of drops or paste, there are also creams, globules, tablets or even E Liquids for smoking. 

Buying the oil in the beginning is not as easy as it seems, as there are many things to consider, such as familiarizing yourself with the full spectrum CBD tincture. There are so many different types on the market place like the Lazarus naturals CBD Tincture that can differ greatly in many ways. Oils differ not only in their CBD concentration, which of course plays a major role in the effect, but also in their manufacturing procedure, their cleanliness and the source of the hemp.

Benefits of CBD Tincture

If you’re wondering about the benefits in regard to CBD oil vs. tincture, CBD oil can be applied externally whilst tinctures are mostly taken orally but in essence they are the same with just the names interchanged. The oil is most generally used to ease pain. It can also be used very well to reduce irritation and nervousness. 

A lot of individuals want to take less medicine and consequently look for biological replacements, particularly when the number of recommended pills increases due to age. For a lot of people, the oil is the solution they were watching out for. But not all Cannabidiol oils are the same. Try using pure CBD tincture instead of untested hybrids. That is why it is important to seek out a CBD tincture review of different products in order to become familiar with them and understand the different benefits. 

Effects of CBD Tincture

CBD is now used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions, even in hospitals. The effects are great and show the results quickly, depending on the severances of the patient’s problems.

Doctors can discuss the issues of the patient and therefore decide on a type of product and strength to make sure the right CBD tincture effects and interactions are being achieved.

The use of CBD should always be discussed with the attending physician to avoid interactions and side effects. One should also be aware of how to use CBD tincture according to the manufacturer.

All in all, the effects have been really good with many different conditions, even in children, elderly and animals. 

Side Effects of CBD Tincture 

It is a very helpful remedy and can be used for a wide variety of complaints and diseases. However, like many other herbal remedies, it can have side effects and interactions. Not everyone reacts the same and therefore it can lead to reactions. Look for reputable dealers like Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture Review to find more information on products.

Not only mild side effects can occur with CBD. Cannabidiol also causes interactions and should be taken with caution. It is always better to discuss the intake with your doctor so that he or she can prescribe other medications if necessary. Since cannabidiol influences various enzymes in the body, it can happen that the breakdown of drugs no longer works properly. This means that the effect of the drugs can be weakened and increased, they have a much lesser effect or last much longer than intended.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Oil Tincture 

Is a CBD Tincture good for me? 

CBD is typically taken in the shape of oil. Some, however, do not cope so well with the penetrating taste of a natural produce and have had bad experiences with leaking surfaces. In the meantime there are plentiful replacements to the oil: pills, Cannabidiol spray, ointment, cannabis blossom tea, homeopathic pills and even infused H2O. If looking for CBD tincture for anxiety for example, you might want to look at the different charts that are available online to ascertain your need. 

Where can I buy CBD Oil?

Some businesses want to stay unidentified on the www so the search will not be as easy as searching for CBD tincture near me. 

Good and trusted companies know how to make CBD tincture, without the customer having to worry about the quality. 

Interested individuals can find numerous certified sellers on great products, ranging in quality and prices. 


As numerous studies have shown in the meantime, the oil is an excellent remedy for the alleviation or cure of serious diseases. Even if it is a hemp product, no intoxication can be expected, because the THC content is hardly measurable. Don’t think too much about the CBD tincture vs oil debate, as it is immaterial. 

Hemp has been used as a remedy for many thousands of years. Hemp itself does not have a good reputation, but the oil obtained from it can be helpful for various diseases. For example, it can combat or at least alleviate sleep disorders, pain, gastrointestinal complaints and even multiple sclerosis. According to studies, even cancer cells can be killed with CBD. However, if the oil is taken correctly, no side effects are to be expected, even though no long-term studies are yet available.

Although the oil is far from being approved as a remedy, it is freely available for sale and can therefore be purchased by anyone. The pharmaceutical industry will probably continue to work to ensure that the oil does not come onto the market as a remedy. At the same time it is incomprehensible for many people that medicine still resists cannabis because it is less harmful than alcohol and other drugs.

Mark Dittmar